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Tips To Attract Pollinators To Your Garden

Get more updates from Green Bay Botanical Garden’s horticulture team on how to grow a sustainable garden.

Watch our videos to learn how you can grow your garden to support common pollinators in Wisconsin such as:

  • ants
  • bats
  • bees
  • beetles
  • birds
  • moths
  • butterflies
  • hummingbirds

Do-It-Yourself Gardening

Tips to a Good Pollinator Garden

It is estimated that three-quarters of major food crops need or benefit from pollinators.

  • Use plants that provide food, nectar and pollen sources
  • Create large masses of native and non-invasive plants
  • Establish continuous bloom throughout growing season
  • Provide a water source
  • Be situated in sunny areas with wind breaks
  • Eliminate or minimize the impact of pesticides and herbicides
  • Support the full life cycle - contain both food sources for immature pollinators and nectar sources for adult pollinators

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Let's celebrate National Pollinator Week

June 19 - June 25, 2017

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