People For Education (P4E)



  • Supporting public education in Ontario’s English, French and Catholic schools

  • Advocacy and Awareness

  • P4E recently revamped their website for better layout and structuring as well as encouraging conversation through an interactive web hub
  • Increased interactivity relies on a stronger and larger user base

  • Worked with P4E to identify the key areas that needed awareness driven to
  • Used Google Analytics to discover popular areas and focused on that keyword-rich content
Reversed Downward Trend

  • Prior to starting Google Grants, traffic shrunk by 8% compared to the same period the previous year [see exhibit]
  • Upon starting Google Grants, traffic grew by 45% compared to the same period the previous year

Significant Boost in Traffic

  • Generated 14,792 clicks in 3-month time period representing a 91.4% increase in traffic. Organic (non-Grant) traffic during that time was 16,175 visitors

Quality and Quantity

  • Traffic brought by the Grant through pay-per-click advertising was also high quality of traffic. Every key measure of traffic quality increased
  • On average, visitors browsed 8% more pages per visit
  • On average, visitors spent 12% longer browsing the website

A visualization of the traffic from the last year compared to this year clearly shows the impact of Google Grants. Before the Grant, last year’s traffic (orange line) exceeded this year’s (blue line). After the Grant, this year’s traffic outpaced the previous one.

Graph A) Last year’s traffic compared to this year’s traffic before Google Grants


Graph B) Last year’s traffic compared to this year’s traffic after Google Grants