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What Is Google Grants

Started in 2003, Google Grants gives eligible charities $10,000 per month in free advertising through their AdWords platform. Once approved, your charity continues benefit from the grant indefinitely, provided you actively manage it every month.

How Google Grants Works

Google Grants works by providing you with an advertising budget of $10,000 every month to be spent on pay-per-click search ads. Also called PPC ads, they are the sponsored links you see on the top and side of search results pages.
As an advertiser, you select keywords relevant to your charity, and write related ads that encourage people to click on it. Whenever someone runs a search query on Google related to your keyword, your targeted ads appears.


When someone searches for your cause on Google, your charity may not be visible in the results and therefore not be found. PPC ads allow you to instantly be listed at the top of search results, making it dramatically more likely that you’ll be found by people searching for you.
With a budget of $10,000 every month, you can achieve this exposure on a massive scale. When used correctly, you can harness this benefit to increase awareness, fundraising, volunteering, or other marketing goals you may have. If you’re not convinced, read about some of the other benefits it can have.


The main eligibility criteria is that your organization must have registered charitable status. In the U.S. you need 501(c)(3) status. In Canada, you need registration under the Canadian Tax Act as a charity.
There are a number of other criteria but it’s best to get it from the country-specific Google Grants website here.


To find out more about how Google Grants has tremendously benefited other charities, visit our success stories page or the official testimonials page from Google.

How To Apply

If you’re a U.S. charity, you have to go through Google For Nonprofits first. Otherwise, visit your country-specific Google Grants website here.
For more information on getting started with Google Grants, view our Complete Guide To Google Grants or get a free consultation here.