Become a Google Grants Expert

Managing Google Grants is difficult, especially without the right training. If you need Google Grants help, our library of training videos gives you specific and actionable guidance on creating and optimizing Google Grants campaigns efficiently and effectively. By following our method and routine, you will save time, increase your ad spend, and better achieve your marketing goals.


Spend Less Time Managing
We teach efficient management of your Google Grant to save you time while still achieving high results
Developed Specifically For Charities
Other training focuses on for-profit companies running for-profit campaigns; we developed ours specifically for charities
Saves You Money
Our training course is cheaper than hiring or outsourcing to a professional and will save you money
Practical and Actionable Knowledge
We teach the concepts but always include real examples and practical demos
Guaranteed to Increase Ad Spend
Your Google Grants ad spend will increase, connecting you with more of your audience
Determine Your Own Syllabus
The course is broken down into lessons that you can pick and choose from to determine your own syllabus






Connect With Us For Live Training
Connect with us individually or in a team for live online training where we will guide you through interactive learning material
Summary Notes For Quick Reference
No need to take notes, we have it all written and summarized for you in case you have to refer back to a lesson
Flexible Training Hours
We know charities are busy; book your training for one day or spread it over multiple sessions
Support Line to Answer Your Questions
Call or email us anytime if you need Google Grants help and we’re here to give you our expert advice


The Google Grants online live training
is available for hourly rates